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Introduction of „PHARMA” PLC - Dupnitsa.


In 1954 on the current ground of the company a factory for production of drug preparations was created – Galenova factory. It gave a start to the pharmaceutical industry in Dupnitsa and the region. In the course of time  the factory has been an important part of the Chemical-pharmaceutical works of  the town of Stanke Dimitrov (later named Dupnitsa) and the created later state company “FARMATSIA” – Dupnitsa.
The end of the monopoly of “FARMATSIA” PLC - Dupnitsa in 1991 is the beginning of production and marketing of drug products with label “PHARMA” PLC – Dupnitsa. In 1997 the company became private. 100% of  its shares are in private ownership.

„PHARMA” PLC – Dupnitsa
develops, manufactures and markets generic drug products and dietary supplements in accordance with  the laws of the country and the European Union. Its products are for the Bulgarian market and for export.
The company has a license for manufacture of drug products from  the Executive Agency of Drug Products. It is registered by the Ministry of Health as a manufacturer of dietary supplements. 

Main activities of our company:
- Manufacture of drug products in accordance with the Good Manufacture Practice (GMP).
- Manufacture of dietary supplements according to the requirements of the Food Safety Regulation.
- Manufacture of drugs and dietary supplements on different stages of the manufacture process for other pharmaceutical companies. Collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies. 


The policy of our company combines product quality, qualified personnel, competitive prices and good relation with our partners.
The credo of the company meets up with the pharmaceutical standards and  the peculiarities of the Bulgarian market aiming moderation in prices and availability of the product range.
We believe that tradition, enterprise, professional experience and the ambition to do better lead to good results and guarantee your and our wellbeing and safety. 


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